Alison L'Heureux


Colin O'Brien

Alison L'Heureux and Colin O'Brien

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Our Story

We met at brunch in Providence on a cold day in February 2016. We were each there with our friends, including Gregg and Andrea who will be in our wedding. While there Alison noticed Gregg sitting at the bar and thought she recognized him from high school...was it that she just had to say hello, was it the cute guy in the Red Sox hat next to him that she had to introduce herself to, or was it the bottomless mimosas at brunch? Either way we met and the rest they say is history right? Well not right away because Colin didn't ask Alison for her number. We're both from Cumberland so we were bound to run into other again right? Besides everyone is on Facebook. So Colin sent her a message that day...but she had deleted Facebook from her phone and she never received the message until months later. She logged into Facebook and noticed several unread messages in her inbox including one from Colin O'Brien. I don't know anyone named Colin she thought. Then she remembered the sweet guy in the Red Sox hat from brunch. She quickly messaged him so he didn't think she was rude and the very next day they met for drinks...and the rest is history. We are very happy in our lovely home in Cumberland and looking forward to married life filled with happiness, laughter, love and of course lots of great wine!
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